I have a problem with clustering in Resin 4.0.23 that I hope someone
can help me with.

When I bring a cluster node back online after it has been shut down
the cluster recognizes it as "up and functioning" too soon (this can
be monitored on the caucho-status page). My problem is that I have a
servlet that is really heavy to start and it has <load-on-startup>
set. As it is set up now requests goes to this new node trying to
access the servlet prior too its startup and they are left waiting. I
would like to have the cluster node off line until all the
<load-on-startup> servlets has started. Is there an existing setting
that can make this work?

What I am looking for is something like <load-balance-grace-time> or
<cluster-off-line-until-load-on-startup-done> :)

Best regards
Mathias Lagerwall

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