Using Resin 4.0.23 we are trying to get single sign-on working per this


I have placed the resin:XmlAuthenticator at the host level.  Per the
example.  Also tried this at both the host and cluster level:



      <resin:FormLogin form-login-page="/login.jsp"/>

      <session-config reuse-session-id='true' enable-cookies='true'
enable-url-rewriting='false' cookie-domain=''/>



We are able to log into:


<web-app id="/" .>


But when we go to the next webapp which is defined as:


<web-app id="/birt" .>


It doesn't see that we are logged in and tries to send us to /birt/login.jsp
which obviously doesn't exist.  I have tried putting in resin:Forward to
redirect to absolute-target="/login.jsp", but it appears the internal
redirect from j_security_check doesn't "honor" resin:Forward rules.


I don't believe it should be redirecting in the first place though, if
single signon works.


Any hints at what I am missing to get single signon working, or if it's not
possible a work around to the fact that the /birt webapp is trying to call
/birt/login.jsp instead of /login.jsp as defined in resin:FormLogin?





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