Hi there,

We are using Resin 3 and we even though we are not using real 
clustering, we used the possibility of defining various servers inside a 
cluster, so we could share a configuration file among various hosts, 
like this:
   <cluster id="app-tier">
       <!-- The http port -->
       <http address="*" port="XXX"/>

     <server id="Host.1" address="host.1.com" port="XXX"/>
     <server id="Host.2" address="host.2.com" port="XXX"/>
     <server id="Local" address="" port="XXX"/>
and then start one or the other depending on the -server argument passed 
I'm trying to see how we would migrate to Resin 4 and, if I'm not 
mistaken, this is no longer allowed as you require a license to define 
more than one server on a cluster, right?

Is there any other way to have server share the configuration like that, 
we need to have different server ids for <cookie-append-server-index />, 
or is having different configuration files or moving to Resin Pro the 
only options?

Daniel Lopez Janariz (d.lo...@uib.es)
Web Services
Centre for Information and Technology
Balearic Islands University

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