Hi Scott,

I see and I have tried to make it so, but the related issue is that the 
number or servers has a direct impact in the cookie session value 
definition, through <cookie-append-server-index />, so being able to 
define just one server means we can no longer have different cookie 
naming schemes in different servers, hence no easy session stickiness as 
with version 3 :).

But that might be an intended side effect to prevent people to use 
clustered resin instances without session failover unless Resin Pro is 
used. Is that the case?

Not complaining here, but simply trying to clarify our options ahead to 
report them to the powers-that-be ;).


El 16/03/2012 17:54, Scott Ferguson escribió:
> On 03/16/2012 01:43 AM, Daniel López wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> We are using Resin 3 and we even though we are not using real
>> clustering, we used the possibility of defining various servers inside a
>> cluster, so we could share a configuration file among various hosts,
>> like this:
> You can always use<resin:import/>  and -conf to select the server (or
> use<resin:choose>  with a -D to select the options.)
> That way the unique config files would stay small and maintainable, and
> you wouldn't need to repeat configuration.
> -- Scott
>> ------
>>      <cluster id="app-tier">
>>        <root-directory>.</root-directory>
>>        <server-default>
>>          <!-- The http port -->
>>          <http address="*" port="XXX"/>
>> ...
>>        </server-default>
>>        <server id="Host.1" address="host.1.com" port="XXX"/>
>>        <server id="Host.2" address="host.2.com" port="XXX"/>
>>        <server id="Local" address="" port="XXX"/>
>> -----------
>> and then start one or the other depending on the -server argument passed
>> etc.
>> I'm trying to see how we would migrate to Resin 4 and, if I'm not
>> mistaken, this is no longer allowed as you require a license to define
>> more than one server on a cluster, right?
>> Is there any other way to have server share the configuration like that,
>> we need to have different server ids for<cookie-append-server-index />,
>> or is having different configuration files or moving to Resin Pro the
>> only options?
>> S!
>> D.

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