I'm trying to serve everything UTF-8. To this end, I wrote a request filter 
that sets the input and output encodings to UTF-8, and I've used that 
successfully in the past. I've been able to avoid putting a page encoding 
directive in each page.

With resin 4.0.30, I'm seeing something odd. I only get the right behavior if 
the JSP page as an extra <%@ page %> at the top somewhere. The actual directive 
inside doesn't seem to matter. I had an import directive, but tried it without 
one and still got the right behavior.

I also have, before that, at <%@ include directive, which must also be present. 
It includes the following:

<%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" %>

Without that, the resulting encoding isn't correct, either.

What's odd is the empty page directive required to make it work.

Any ideas?


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