To retreive google analytics data, I have added google api jars in my 
application and use it in some scheduled-tasks. To avoid mixing jars, I 
put them in a sub folder of lib : WEB-INF/lib/google

For Resin to compile my source with correct libs I added in <web-app> :

   <library-loader path="WEB-INF/lib/google"/>

At first resin launch there are many errors like :

package com.google.api.client.googleapis.auth.oauth2 does not exist

But immediatly after Resin recompile my class properly and starts running.

I've read in resin's doc that the <class-loader> can be added also in 
<host> or <resin> . This solves the problem (with a full path of course) 
but I don't see a reason for changing the scope of those libs that are 
only needed in this web-app.

Thanks for any help.

PS:I'm running resin 4.0.13, on linux debian/sun jdk.

Riccardo Cohen
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