I never saw this warning but, on our side we customized the 
-J-XX:NewRatio to 1 (only way to handle eden/tenured space values with 
G1 as we discovered) on some applications. This means 50% for eden and 
50% for tenured.
As default is 2, there is less space for eden and our tests showed that 
webapps wanted more eden than default value was giving (avoid full GCs)
Anyway, tuning the GC is a hard, long but very interesting task and a 
recommended way to do it is to replay scenarios with various 
configurations... And even if that config was good for us, there is no 
guarantee that it will match your needs.

Good luck.


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> Message: 1
> Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 10:14:05 -0700
> From: Keith Fetterman<kfetter...@go2marine.com>
> Subject: [Resin-interest] Managing Tenured Memory in Resin
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> Hi Everyone,
> I could use a little help troubleshooting some messages in my
> jvm-default.log.  I am seeing a lot of the following messages in our
> Resin logs.  We are currently running Resin 4.0.23 Pro.
>> INFO com.caucho.env.health.HealthService 
>> MemoryTenuredHealthCheck[WARNING:0.48% free (10.127M free, 2097.152M max, 
>> 2087.025M used)]
> I did a bit of research this morning about adjusting tenured memory
> limits, but I didn't find anything specific to adjusting the value. Does
> anyone know what property I need to adjust?  I currently have the
> following Java settings in my resin.xml file:
>> <jvm-arg>-J-server</jvm-arg>
>>              <jvm-arg>-J-d64</jvm-arg>
>>              <jvm-arg>-Xms3000M</jvm-arg>
>>              <jvm-arg>-Xmx3000M</jvm-arg>
>>              <jvm-arg>-XX:MaxPermSize=250M</jvm-arg>
> I could increase the -Xmx property, but I am wondering if there is a
> better property to tweak.
> I am also seeing the following warning messages:
>> WARNING com.caucho.health.analysis.AnomalyAnalyzer AnomalyAnalyzer 
>> JVM|Thread|JVM Blocked Count WARNING
>> WARNING com.caucho.health.analysis.AnomalyAnalyzer AnomalyAnalyzer 
>> JVM|Thread|JVM Runnable Count WARNING
> Does anyone have some advice on how to resolve these warnings?  I read
> the Resin documentation, but I didn't find something specific.
> Thanks for your help
> Keith

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