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Hi Folks,


Resin does not support "SSLHonorCipherOrder" yet.  We already received a
request from another customer and there is a feature request for this here:


This is an OpenSSL feature, not JSSE.  We'll be implementing it in an
upcoming release.  Probably it will be in 4.0.44, as .43 is due for release






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Thanks a bunch for your reply.   I saw you referencing another email you
sent, but this is the only one I saw come through the group.


At any rate, we are already using the cipher-suites feature, but in this
case that's not enough.   They are telling us that we actually have to be
able to prioritize the order that the suites are negotiated on the server
side.  The only cipher suites guaranteed not to have the BEAST attack issue
are ones that aren't wide-spread yet (TLSv1.1) however if we can put TLSv1.0
in a specific order that will suffice for PCI compliance.


This bug for Tomcat addresses the issue and gives good details about a
directive, SSLHonorCipherOrder, that handles the problem:


Any other ideas for Resin?





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Actually, I got it wrong in my previous mail.  The feature should be

There is a ticket describing the feature:


On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 7:00 PM, Knut Forkalsrud <>

In the days of Resin 2.1.4 and onwards
<>  there was such a
feature, however it seems to have lapsed.  I remember because there was a
similar issue with MSIE;en-us;Q305217.


I my good old copy of Resin 3.1.8 there are remains the feature.

If you bring up the source code for
com.caucho.vfs.JsseSSLFactory.create(host, port)

you will find a block of code commented out.


Then there was a second incarnation where you could specify cipher suites.
That seems to have dies some time around Aug 2009 with the commit:


I suspect you could get it going again if you have the fortitude to play
around with Resin's source code and build your own.


Good luck,


Knut Forkalsrud



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