We're running Resin 3.1.11 (soon to be 3.1.12 in the next servicewindow) in our 
production environment, and a few days ago we had an app that was restarted 
several times by the watchdog - with no apparent reason.

The watchdog-log contains this:

[2013/02/08 11:17:46.478] WatchdogProcess[Watchdog[results],1] stopping Resin
[2013/02/08 11:17:46.478] WatchdogProcess[Watchdog[results],2] starting Resin
[2013/02/08 11:20:37.256] WatchdogProcess[Watchdog[results],2] stopping Resin
[2013/02/08 11:20:37.256] WatchdogProcess[Watchdog[results],3] starting Resin
[2013/02/08 11:23:24.221] WatchdogProcess[Watchdog[results],3] stopping Resin
[2013/02/08 11:23:24.221] WatchdogProcess[Watchdog[results],4] starting Resin

There was a lot of regular and normal activity in our apps stdout-log before 
and inbetween all the restarts, but nothing that - in our opinion - should 
cause a restart by the watchdog. The JVM log has no mention of problems 
(performing CMS and young generation GC as expected) and load on the server was 
also low - no automatic stacktraces were taken.

We have been running with the same resin configuration, app codebase and OS 
software-stack for a long time, so we are quite baffeled, as this struck us as 
lightning from a clear sky.

Is there any way of getting more verbose output about the watchdog and what it 
decides to do?

We tried setting  <logger name="com.caucho" level="fine"/> and restarting Resin 
completely (not just a restart of the JVM), but that did not seem to help.

Jens Dueholm Christensen
Survey IT

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