Hello again,

working with:

- resin-pro 4.0.34 (eval license), 
- two instances (app-0,app-1) 
- mod_caucho.so for loadbalancing on apache 2.2 prefork

Lets start:

- resin's /resin-admin: System Health is OK, i see both servers
- apache's /caucho-status: i see both servers green as ok

Now i disable app-0 for load balancing, so that i can maintain the server:

app-0$ ./resinctl disable -server app-0

- resin's access.log no longer has entries. OK.
- apache's access.log is now full of "503". Not OK. All traffic should go to 
- apache's /caucho-status: both servers show up as green ok. Not OK. app-0 
should be red.
- app-0/resin-admin is delivering "503". Not OK. How to maintain the server 
app-0 now?

Lets see, if it helps to stop the whole web-app to get it out of load balancing:

app-0$ ./resinctl web-app-stop myapp

No further change. Not ok.

Is it because there are other apps still enabled, thats why mod_caucho keeps 
the server? But why do i get so many "503" for my webapp context, that i have 

Should i probably disable /resin-admin, /resin-rest on "Host: default" as well?

app-0$ ./resinctl stop

Finally a change:

- apache's /caucho-status: app-0 is getting red. Juhu.

But still:

- apache's access.log is full with "503" (why oh why its not going to app-1, 
- app-1 almost gets almost gets no traffic.

app-0$ ./resinctl start

- app-0/1 slowly start get request again according to resin's access.log
- in between i even start to see "404" in apache's log. Hm, this could be my 
fault, though resin should not start to deliver, when the webapp is not fully 

In any way, i am pretty lost.

The only properties i have overwritten:

dev_mode : false
app_servers      :
session_store : false
remote_admin_enable : true
web_admin_enable : true
web_admin_external : true
rest_admin_enable : true
admin_user : admin
admin_password : ...

And i have put those two ResinConfigServer ("config triad") into the httpd.conf:

ResinConfigServer 6800
ResinConfigServer 6800

Is anyone using mod_caucho in production and has no problems with it? Am i 
missing something here? :-)


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