Hi Angela,

sorry for the late reply. I am currently in the process of changing my job.

> Does this still need to be done? I can help.

thanks for contacting. The analysis documents to be found at:

have not been touched for a long time now. Some years ago, a number
of medical doctors and informaticians who are reading our mailing lists:

had put together their knowledge and written this analysis document
in German. The single contributions were mainly included into the
document by:
Karsten Hilbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Christian Heller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

The analysis document is used by at least the "GNUmed" and "Res Medicinae"
projects, and also included as package into Debian since 2002. I don't
know if there are other projects drawing knowledge from the document.

We never managed to translate the document into English, so that the
international community could contribute. So, this would be your chance ;-)

Don't hesitate to contact me on any further questions!


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