My actual code and logging is on another machine behind a firewall so I cannot 
copy/paste code from there. I will retype what I can to cover the problem I 
have come across. 

my java param form class: 

public class ParamForm 
private String formId; 
private String formName; 
private String formLocation; 

private String headerId; 
private String headerName; 
private String headerLocation; 

...............(the rest of the class has similar member variables with 
@QueryParam for queryId, queryName, queryLocation) 

public String getId() 
returnId = formId; 
.......(the rest of the method checks against null for tgtId and queryId, 
similar methods exists for name and location) 

} //end of class 

My service method header is: 

public String resteasyFormTextPut(@Form ParamForm form) 
System.out.println("hitting path ParamForm Text put....."); 
return "blah"; 

When the url contains "formParams" the message is printed out but with both the 
"uriParams" and "headerParams" I am getting: 

Failed executing PUT /demoTargetService/uriParams: 
org.jboss.resteasy.spi.BadRequestException: Failed processing arguments of 
public java.lag.String 

I am running as a deployed .war in JBoss AS 7, standalone deployment. 

Exchange @POST for @PUT in the above method and it works with uriParams and 
headerParams url's. 

Why does this injection fail for the @PUT? 

Thanks for your help! 

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