Hi, I'm approaching Resteasy since we're migrating our application from 
JBoss4 to JBoss6, and we were using the unified invoker servlet to 
access EJBs via HTTP (since most of our customers, though this is a java 
client application, have firewall/proxy restrictions that don't allow 
them to connect directly via a socket to the server). Before trying to 
configure a unified invoker on JBoss6, I was looking for some other way 
to accomplish this task, and stumbled upon Resteasy, which, even though 
not designed to do these duties, could be an easy and quick way to set 
up HTTP method invocation.
So I started annotating with @Path, @POST (even if it isn't probably 
suited for this, but we are mapping Stateless Session EJBs, which don't 
have a role separation like Entity beans could have, their methods don't 
map "creation", "removal", "update" and "find" actions and thus I'm 
using POST verb for all methods indistinctly) and such, but discovered, 
reading the specs, that there can be only ONE method parameter (the so 
called "entity parameter") that is not annotated with @*Param, for which 
my custom MessageBodyReader/Writer is used (I would like to use standard 
Java Serialization to pass any kind of Object to my beans), but I'm 
having several parameters, and if I annotate them with @*Param, they 
can't be streamed to a custom media type like the one I'm trying to 
create, but if I don't I get an error probably caused by infringing the 

My problem is: what should I do to invoke those methods with several 
params? Do I need to write wrappers, which accept ONE parameter (which 
could be a POJO containing references to original parameters instances) 
and that invoke the EJB unwrapping the POJO param? Am I looking in the 
wrong direction and I didn't notice another (probably more correct) way 
to do this?

Thanks in advance,
Matteo Bruni

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