Any hint on this issue?


Il 29/12/2011 16:03, Matteo Bruni ha scritto:
> Hi, I'm approaching Resteasy since we're migrating our application from
> JBoss4 to JBoss6, and we were using the unified invoker servlet to
> access EJBs via HTTP (since most of our customers, though this is a java
> client application, have firewall/proxy restrictions that don't allow
> them to connect directly via a socket to the server). Before trying to
> configure a unified invoker on JBoss6, I was looking for some other way
> to accomplish this task, and stumbled upon Resteasy, which, even though
> not designed to do these duties, could be an easy and quick way to set
> up HTTP method invocation.
> So I started annotating with @Path, @POST (even if it isn't probably
> suited for this, but we are mapping Stateless Session EJBs, which don't
> have a role separation like Entity beans could have, their methods don't
> map "creation", "removal", "update" and "find" actions and thus I'm
> using POST verb for all methods indistinctly) and such, but discovered,
> reading the specs, that there can be only ONE method parameter (the so
> called "entity parameter") that is not annotated with @*Param, for which
> my custom MessageBodyReader/Writer is used (I would like to use standard
> Java Serialization to pass any kind of Object to my beans), but I'm
> having several parameters, and if I annotate them with @*Param, they
> can't be streamed to a custom media type like the one I'm trying to
> create, but if I don't I get an error probably caused by infringing the
> specs.
> My problem is: what should I do to invoke those methods with several
> params? Do I need to write wrappers, which accept ONE parameter (which
> could be a POJO containing references to original parameters instances)
> and that invoke the EJB unwrapping the POJO param? Am I looking in the
> wrong direction and I didn't notice another (probably more correct) way
> to do this?
> Thanks in advance,
> Matteo Bruni
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