I am using RestEasy 2.2.1.GA Client Framework. I have a '?' in my
PathParam that I do not want to get encoded, I tried using the
javax.ws.rs.Encoded annotation (on field, method and class as well)  but
it still gets converted to a %3F in the eventual URI that gets invoked
causing my request to fail.

Debugging the code I noticed that the URI to be invoked is obtained from
org.jboss.resteasy.client.ClientRequest.getUri() which in turn calls
(Line 782)  UriBuilderImpl.substitutePathParam(entry.getKey(), value,
The value for isEncode parameter in call to substitutePathParam() is
hard coded to false, if I change it to true in eclipse debug mode, my
call works fine.

Sorry, if this is already in JIRA or the question has already been
answered in the forum but I tried to search and did not come up with

Thank you,

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