Can you log a jira and copy paste this?  Doing this will also allow you 
to track when this is fixed:

On 3/8/12 6:11 PM, Sandeep Tikoo wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using RestEasy 2.2.1.GA Client Framework. I have a '?' in my
> PathParam that I do not want to get encoded, I tried using the
> annotation (on field, method and class as well)  but
> it still gets converted to a %3F in the eventual URI that gets invoked
> causing my request to fail.
> Debugging the code I noticed that the URI to be invoked is obtained from
> org.jboss.resteasy.client.ClientRequest.getUri() which in turn calls
> (Line 782)  UriBuilderImpl.substitutePathParam(entry.getKey(), value,
> false);
> The value for isEncode parameter in call to substitutePathParam() is
> hard coded to false, if I change it to true in eclipse debug mode, my
> call works fine.
> Sorry, if this is already in JIRA or the question has already been
> answered in the forum but I tried to search and did not come up with
> anything.
> Thank you,
> Sandeep.
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