On 4/2/12 11:30 AM, Kurt T Stam wrote:
> On 4/2/12 10:36 AM, Bill Burke wrote:
>> On 3/31/12 9:54 AM, Kurt T Stam wrote:
>>> So my questions are:
>>> 1. Is the Abdera module being deprecated?
>> It has been removed.  Last time I looked at their approach, they pretty
>> much re-invented XML parsing which doesn't make sense...
>>> 2. Should I use the Abdera provider modele for this (and figure out how
>>> to get passed the exception above), or should I extend the 'native'
>>> RESTEasy atom implementation.
>>> 3. What would it involve to extend RESTEasy to make Service and
>>> WorkSpace work?
>> Err...just write some JAXB classes.  The Atom format is pretty simple.
>> I'll commit and maintain it if you write it.
> Thanks Bill. Why are there to Providers in that module (one for Entry
> and one for Feed). Will I have to create another for Service and or
> WorkSpace?

Take a look at our Entry implementation.  It allows you to extract a 
JAXB type from the embedded content on demand.  To do this, the 
EntryProvider passes a reference to a JAXBContextFinder to locate a 
JAXBContext to perform this unmarshalling on demand.

I don't know whether Service/Workspace has this requirement.  My vague 
memory doesn't think so as I think these documents are just descriptive 
in nature.

Bill Burke
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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