I was experimenting with the File parameter and return type interface
for JAX-RS. As expected -- it functionally worked but I did not locate
any documentation that stated who must manage the file resource once
my method exits.

For example, in the following PUT -- the method is provided a
temporary file that existed after the method exited and my test case
completed. I added a manual delete within my resource method to make
sure they did not accumulate.

@PUT @Path("fromFile")
public int putFromFile(File file) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException {
    log.debug("{} {}", request.getMethod(), uriInfo.getRequestUri());
    log.debug("file={}", file.getAbsolutePath());


    file.delete(); //didn't locate any documentation on who manages this
    return count;

In GET case, the resource method is passing the file back to the
provider. Does the provider assume that this file is managed by the
resource and it is my responsibility to delete?

@GET @Path("fromFile")
public File getFromFile() throws IOException {
    log.debug("{} {}", request.getMethod(), uriInfo.getRequestUri());

    File file = ...
    return file;

thanks for any additional insight,

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