I'm currently using the @Form functionality to handle the
unmarshalling of form data sent via a cross-domain ajax post

 public Response add(@Form MyForm form) { ... }

This works great except for when coming from Internet Explorer which
has to be a XDomainRequest and that only supports sending with
content-type text/plain.

I can obviously create another method to handle this request which is
receiving valid form data just with the wrong content-type

public Response add(String data) { ... }

However at this point I have to manually parse the data and set it
field by field into my object.

1. Is there anyway to force the first method to process the the
request data regardless of the received content-type?

2. If that isn't possible, is there a way I can manually call an
internal RESTeasy function to map the String data from my second
method to a specified class with @FormParam variables.



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