We have a scenario where some client is initiating an HTTP POST to the
server, the server responds with a 201, but this response is not
acknowledged (tcp) by the client (because of some communication stack
error) (we know this because we used wireshark to trace the tcp
communication). I think this problem is "known" at the server side
(the tcp stack knows it did not receive the ack), but i never saw an
exception or error logging in the server. Where (in reasteasy or
httpclient) should i look, for capturing this event in my server code?
(using resteasy 2.2.2 inside jboss 4.2.3)

I do have to mention that i suppress one particular logging statement
which might be of importance. Still, even if i'ld have this logging
enabled, i need a programmatic way of capturing the event.
        <!-- ignore webstartable download printing Internal error:
ClientAbortException: java.net.SocketException: Broken pipe -->
                <priority value="ERROR" />

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