Hi everyone,

I use RESTEasy 2.3.4 to produce a JSON content from my POJOs (correctly
annotated with @XmlRootElement, etc.). The simple case where I use @GET and
@Produces("application/json") to return a list of objects is working fine.

Now, server-side, I need to implement a simple caching mechanism. Instead
of querying all my POJOs I want to check if a file (containing the JSON
response) exists on my file system. If not, I would like to put the JSON
produced content in this file.

My question: how do I, server-side, get the JSON produced by RESTEasy, so I
can have a simple String that I could write on my file system?

So far, I'm trying with the Client framework (
but I think there is a better way to do so.


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