Resteasy folks,
               I am converting a J2EE application that runs on JBOss 4.0.5 to 
run on JBOSS 7.1.1 OR EAP6.
               Our EJBS are presently from J2ee version 1.3.1. J2EE 1.3  was 
released September 24, 2001. So our EJBs are 1.1 or 2.0 .  Below is a segment 
from our properties file.  THEY ARE ALL STATELESS SESSION BEANS.
               I would rather not do the work of converting all the EJBS to 
3.1-- even though it is a good idea-- if I do not have to.  I have already 
begun some of the work.  However, based on the resteasy examples from
  IT LOOKS like all the examples are EJB 3.0 and 3.1.
               Will RestEasy 2.3.3 or 2.3.5 even work with EJB 1.1 or 2.0? If 
so, if you were in my shoes would you bite the bullet and convert all the ejbs 
or would you try to get RestEasy to work with the present EJB 1.1/2.0 

Nick Skriloff , ME , MCP, SCJP
Information Technology Specialist
Darden Information Services
Voice 434 243 5025  Fax 434 243 2279

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