Hmmm, it should understand CookieParam.

Inject @Context HttpHeaders.  See if there are "Cookie" headers.  I'll 
try and reproduce on my end too.

On 3/14/2013 8:34 AM, wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was hoping someone would be able to help with an issue I'm having
> setting up an embedded NettyJaxrsServer (for the purpose of testing).
> Basically, I'm trying to write integration tests for a fairly simple
> REST service implemented using RESTeasy 2.3.5.  Testing using JUnit and
> REST-assured.
> Spawning up my service on JBoss and testing against the URL works fine,
> however I'd like to use an embedded server so the tests can be automated
> into the CI build.
> I initially started trying to use a TJWSEmbeddedJaxrsServer, however I
> encountered insurmountable (for me) difficulties related to security.
> My REST service is simple, however, the request sends a security token
> inside a cookie, which my server authorises against another service over
> https.  There is a truststore involved aswell, and basically I couldn't
> get past SSL related code explosions... probably related to the
> following snippet from the RESTEasy user guide:
> /"The server can either host non-encrypted or SSL based resources, but
> not both."/
> So, I tried my hand at using the NettyJaxrsServer.  I was expecting more
> of the same, but lo and behold, no SSL issues.  Sadly, life is not that
> kind, and my next stumbling block (and finally getting to the point of
> this email) is that the cookie in the request is not getting injected
> into my GET method:
> @GET()
> @Produces(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON)
> @Path("data")
> public Response getData(@CookieParam(COOKIE_PARAMETER_NAME) String
> securityToken) { ... }
> Example REST-assured request:
> given().cookie(securityToken).get(serviceUrl).prettyPrint();
> This works fine using the TJWSEmbeddedJaxrsServer, and when hosted on
> JBoss, however when using the NettyJaxrsServer, securityToken is null
> (it is definitely present in the request).
> Does the NettyJaxrsServer not understand @CookieParam, or am I doing
> something wrong or not doing something I should?
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Paul
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