Hello together,

i am using RESTeasy to collect XML data from an external REST-API. It
looks like:

public interface DataExport {

    Summary getData(@QueryParam("filterRule") final String filterRule,
@QueryParam("startTime") final long startTime, @QueryParam("endTime")
final long endTime, @QueryParam("attributeSieve") final String
attributeSieve) throws Exception;

The returned Summary is a JAXB generated class based on a XSD.

Calling this method outside a JBoss Application server works fine since
RESTeasy internally uses the "JaxBXmlRootElemtProvider" message body
reader to convert the XML string into the required object.
Calling this method inside a JBoss Application server as part of a bean
throws an exception saying that String cannot be casted to Summary. I
found out that this comes from the fact that internally another message
body reader is used, namely the "YamlProvider".

What i found out is that this is connected to the response of the query
which does not contain a content type. Since in the readers list the
YamlProvider comes before JaxBXmlRootElemtProvider the YamlProvider is
chosen which cannot convert the data.

Do you have any idea how i can solve this issue despite adding the
content type to the response?

Thank you in advance,

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