Why not add an extra field which hold  value of timezone?


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主题: [Resteasy-users] Changing Default JSON Time Format with RESTEasy 3.x


I am using RESTEasy to implement a REST Service using JSON serialization.
Currently, Dates are getting serialized to milliseconds since 1970.  To
improve compatibility, I would like to get my dates into one of two formats;
milliseconds + timezone offset or ISO 8061.

It seems that RESTEasy used to use Jettison for JSON serialization, but from
what I've been reading they've switch to Jackson ... all of this has made
googling for help pretty hit or miss.

>From what I can tell, I need to implement a ContextResolver<ObjectMapper>
along the lines of:

        public class JacksonConfig impelments ContextResolver<ObjectMapper>
            private final OBjectMapper objectMapper;

            public JacksonConfig() throws Exception
                objectMapper = new ObjectMapper.configure(
SerializationFeature.WRITE_DATE_AS_TIMESTAMPS, false);

            public ObjectMapper getContext(Class<?> arg0)
                return objectMapper;

The thing I haven't been able to find, is what do I do with this?  Where do
I put it?

So the larger questions are, am I heading in the right direction and are my
assumptions correct?



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