I discovered a particularly nasty problem using the Resteasy Client Framework 
and have documented it in the issue tracker:  

In a nutshell, if a Client Proxy instance makes a call to the service and the 
service throws an exception, the Client is now rendered inoperable because the 
underlying connection is not adequately reset.

A sample project is included with the issue that demonstrates the problem.  
Note that there is a scenario (when a connection pool no longer has a valid 
connection available) where the call becomes FROZEN!

If I had to guess on the solution, I would say that the invoke method of 
ClientInvoker needs to catch the exception and release the underlying 
connection in the event of an exception.


I think this is similar to the issue raised by John D. Ament on the 15th.  
(Resteasy should automatically clean up 
the connection, but this can not be limited to a GC event because we have no 
control over GC events.)

I look forward to seeing this fixed as this is a serious stability risk.  Thank 


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