I would like to make a web API that can return JSON data but I'm debating 
whether to make it RESTful or whether to try something more along the lines of 
an orchestration API. 
Can resteasy make an API that responds with multiple data types in one response?
Does resteasy have the ability to do deep loads and deep saves?

Two Simple "Deep" Scenarios:
If I request a list of users and the groups they each belong to, I don't want 
the same group sent multiple times with each member, but rather a foreign key 
that I can use to match up with the groups that each user belongs to. However, 
if I make one request for users, then another request for the groups that they 
all belong to, then I've made two round trips when I should only have to make 
one. Does resteasy have a mechanism for sending data of multiple (related) data 
types in one response to avoid additional http requests?

Likewise, if I'm saving a new user and the group already exists, I can just 
save a foreign key to the group. But if the user and the group are both being 
created with the same http request, I would expect it to first persist the 
group, obtain the new group's primary key, and then persist the user with a 
foreign key to the group that was just persisted. Does resteasy address this 
use case? I can handle the directed object graph so that dependencies get 
persisted before things that depend upon them. But I'm just wondering if 
resteasy provides a vehicle for this type of transaction.

I'm under the impression that strict REST defines different URLs for different 
resources (users and groups), so I understand that resteasy may not address 
those use cases _by design_. Or perhaps it has another means of reducing or 
combining requests when obtaining data of different types.


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