The short question:

Does RestEasy 2.3.7 (or Hibernate Validator) have a method like the

  Set<ValidationConstraints> setAndValidate(Object bean, Map<String,
Object> paramMap) ;

I need for the parameters to be converted to their desired types (Long,
Date, etc) and validated.  If successful, the parameters should be set on
the bean.  If not successful, one or more validation constraints should be
included in the return set.

The background:

I'm using JBoss 6 and Resteasy 2.3.7.Final.  I would love to use later
versions of both products, but JBoss 7+ is not an option, and Resteasy 3+
doesn't play nice with JBoss 6.

I'm attempting to parse a multitude of path parameters that are converted
into numbers, enums, dates, etc.  Since I'm forced to utilize JAX-RS 1.1,
and therefore can not use JAX-RS BeanParam annotations, I'm having an
incredibly difficult time creating an object from path params while using
Bean Validation (Hibernate Validation).

(I'm asking this group because it seems as if RestEasy is the mechanism by
which parameters are validated then set using the @PathParam annotations.)

It would be very useful if I could provide all parameter arguments in a map
where the key is the bean property name and the value is the raw String
object provided via a regular expression as such:


I would love any and all suggestions.
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