I know in RESTEasy, custom exceptions have to extend 
ResponseProcessingException to be able to be thrown from ClientResponseFilter 
on the client side.

However, that doesn't work for us. We have a lot of exceptions we throw from 
the provider side and there is no way we go through all of them and change them 
to extend ResponseProcessingException. Even if we had the time, we have to 
introduce a dependency on jaxrs for the package with our business exceptions 
and we don't want that. We want the framework to be entirely transparent and 
honor our custom client response filter when we throw our business exceptions.

Is there any way to throw a custom exception from our ClientResponseFilter or 
any other idea in such a way that RESTEasy will let it propagate to the caller 
without any changes?

If not, why RESTEasy doesn't enhance the framework to support this kind of 
behavior? It seems like an important feature to have.

Stanley Stanev
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