I’m trying to integrate Guice with Resteasy using reasteasy-netty4.  I can see 
how to use the GuiceResourceFactory get use Guice for resources, however, how 
do I inject non-JAX-RS resources into resources?  For instance, if I have an 
AuthenticationResource that uses an AuthenticationService, how do I do this?

public class AuthenticationResource {

  public AuthenticationResource(AuthenticationService authService) {


The problem is that if I add AuthenticationService to the guice module that I 
use in the GuiceResourceFactory, then Resteasy expects all bound classes to be 
resources.  But I don’t see the equivalent of the 
GuiceResteasyBootstrapServletContextListener for non-servlet based Resteasy 
servers like netty.

Can anyone help me?  Thanks!
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