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and visa status

*Job: *SAP CRM/IS-U Functional
Location:* Omaha, NE
*Start Date:* ASAP
*Duration:* 3-6 months, with 3-6 month extensions likely.
*Rate:* $ Market

Client a new set of requirements for a CRM/IS-U Functional person to add to
our CCS Team.
The client is finalizing their Master Data Mapping and Migrations, and
beginning the basic configuration of CRB, they are looking for someone who
can help them with the next phase of the CCS development focusing on the
Business Processes.

The latest CCS is a combination of CRM 2007 front-end, working with the ECC
IS-U functionality to enable the Utilities Business processes.  As such,
need someone who is familiar with both CRM – for Utilities – and the IS-U
CCS modules, and especially as it relates to the Web Client.

Looking for a Functional person, but have added an additional point for the
Technical Area that they will be working in at some point as they finalize
mapping business process and find those that need to be "tweaked" a bit to
work exactly as required, which will require some enhancements.

Not necessarily looking for a Techno-Functional person, they do know that
some exist, and if folks have at least worked with or in an environment
where the Web Client was enhanced, it would be of benefit as they move
further down this path.  However, this is only a "nice to have" and not a

CRM/IS-U Utilities Functional Consultant Requirements

*Must-have Required Experience:*

   - Hands on configuration experience of CRM Web Client, in conjunction
   with ISU-CCS.
   - Preferably CRM 2007, minimally CRM 5.2
   - Experienced Configuration for the various business process including
   but not limited to:
   - Contract management
   - Collections management
   - Invoicing
   - Work Management (as it relates to ERP Billing)
   - Hands on experience working in an environment that implemented the ISU
   module of SAP in conjunction with CRM Web Client
   - Preferably ECC 6.0, ECC 5.0, or minimally R/3 4.72 (not preferred)
   - Good knowledge of the configuration touch points in ECC 6.0 as it
   relates to the business processes that cut across both the systems.
   - Specialized in CRM and CRM ISU Middleware.
   - Ability to configure the CRM ISU Middleware to enable business
   transactions to work seamlessly across both the CRM and ISU systems.
   - Ability to configure system to cater to business process based on
   available cook books or IMG documentation without too much additional help.

*Nice to have, Techno-Functional skills:*

   - Ability to configure CRM 2007 web client to suit to the specific needs
   of the end users executing business process.
   - This should include enhancements like modifications to the screen,
   custom development around the web user interface, technical debugging and so
   - Experience with BOL and Genil Layer enhancements.
   - Working knowledge BSP component workbench and MVC Framework.
   - Knowledge and development of BADI's in the CRM

** We realize that this may be a separate resource – if not initially, then
perhaps down the line - but if someone is techno-functional and/or has
exposure to these areas it would be an added plus as we start to dabble
NOT a firm requirement, and NOT in lieu of any of the Required Skills above

Also, they will be looking for contract-to-hires in this area as well as
others moving forward, so remember that this option always exists with all

Thanks & Regards

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17197 N Laurel Park
Dr. Suite 513, Livonia, MI 48152
Tel: 734-591-3562 Ext 208
Fax: 734-418-2603
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