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*Please forward the resumes to **mindle...@gmail.com* <mindle...@gmail.com>

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Please find the below requirement for* <* *Web Developer, Sr. (Front-End) –
CA – 6 Months (ONLY LOCALS PREFERRED)>.* Please let us know if you are
having any suitable consultants available for the earliest client

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*Position: *Web Developer, Sr. (Front-End)

*Location: *San Diego / Los Angeles / Orange County, CA

*Duration: *6 Months

*Job Description:*

*Required Skills:*

Strong knowledge of standards based development of XHTML, CSS and JavaScript

Strong understanding of the concepts of semantic markup, progressive
enhancement and graceful degradation

Demonstrated experience in using the concepts above in the creation of
table-free layouts

Demonstrated experience with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or Mootools

Demonstrated experience with a web programming language such as Coldfusion,
PHP, Python, ActionScript, Flex or Ruby

Experience with development, debugging and validation tools such as, but not
limited to, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar

Demonstrated experience with Adobe Photoshop (or similar application such as
Adobe Fireworks or Gimp)

Understanding of standard expected interfaces and basic user behaviors

Familiarity with accessibility best practices and compliancy, such as
Section 508

Understanding of the concepts behind search engine optimization

Thorough understanding of browser compatibility issues that exist with
current browsers

3+ years of experience developing for medium to large business sites

Bachelors Degree

* *

*Preferred: *

Mastery of standards compliant XHTML/CSS

Mastery of Javascript, especially with JavaScript libraries such as jQuery
and Mootools

Extensive experience with converting artist renderings into clean and
semantic standards based web sites.

Strong understanding of user behaviors and the creation of extremely
intuitive user interfaces

Thorough knowledge of web standards, accessibility and SEO best practices

Experience with creating/modifying templates and modules for various blog,
wiki and cms software offerings such as Drupal, vBulletin and Wordpress.

Demonstrated graphics design skills are a plus

3+ years of experience developing for enterprise level sites Preferred

Strong Knowledge of HTML5

Strong Knowledge of CSS3

Mastery of standards compliant XHTML/CSS


*MindLease, Inc.*

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