Please submit qualified candidates:

Location: New York, NY

Duration: Mar 16, 2012

Rate: Open

o    Candidates must have experience with a wide variety of databases
including but not limited to the following: Clustered SQL, CouchDB,
Map/Reduce, Redis or Membase.

-> Requires a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering or related

-> Minimum of 5 years of developer / administrative experience in required
database (DBMS @ American Express, DB2 Mainframe, DB2 LUW, Oracle, SQL
Server, and/or Oracle).

-> Industry certification in UDB or DB2 desired. Knowledge of IMS, Oracle &,
or SQL are useful but not mandatory.

-> Strong problem analysis and performance tuning skills.

-> Has performed database administration, including tasks such as: loading
data, managing data security and user access, performance monitoring and
tuning, and all aspects of data integrity, backup, recovery, user and
developer support.

-> Exhibits familiarity with all phases of database programming (e.g.,
assists programmers to troubleshoot and tune programs for the most efficient
database usage).

-> Possesses thorough knowledge of the subject DBMS, DML (SQL), DDL,
utilities, services, troubleshooting, architecture, syntax, etc.

-> Detail-oriented analysis, with a demonstrated ability to produce complete
and accurate data models using a modern CASE data modeling tool (prefer E/R

-> Displays expertise with host operating and networking environments to
completely provide all required functions and services, including estimating
and monitoring of all required hardware, coding and execution of
administration jobs, in addition to monitoring and archiving backup files.

-> Very good communication skills.

-> A demonstrated ability to produce complete and accurate metadata
describing logical and physical data components.

-> Ability to work co-operatively as part of a team as well as
independently, under own initiative.

-> Knowledge of American Express technology best practices, processes, and
standards a plus.


-> Works under the direction of a team leader, project manager, or network

-> Performs physical data modeling, and physical database design based on a
thorough knowledge of modeling techniques, the modeling tools available on
the project, and the business functions of the subject system.

-> Plans, executes, and maintains database capacity, backup and recovery,
and disaster recovery plans.

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