*Hiring Now ......... Please Reply with your Consultant resume to

*Job Title  : Sr.Systems Engineer
Location : Los Angeles, CA(Need Local)
Duration : 6+Months Contract*

*Interview Process : *First Phone, 2nd Face to Face

Operating Systems: Linux (RHEL 5/6), UNIX (Solaris)
Scripting Languages: BASH, PERL, SQL
Middleware: Jboss Enterprise Application Platform 6, Jboss Application
Server 4
Applications: Toad, SQL*Plus, WinSCP, RDP, Putty, SoapUI, VIM, Visio,
Microsoft Project
Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, SMTP
Experience: 10+ years

*Required Experience:*
Understands network concepts including load balancing, DNS, and firewall
Background with cloud computing (public or private) using an IaaS model.
Understands security best practices on safeguarding credentials using SSH
keys, knows how to store certificates in a Java Keystore, and how to store
database credentials using Oracle Wallet.
Works extensively with a *NIX shell and is comfortable making system
changes, refers to man pages for documentation, uses VI/VIM for most of
their editing purposes, and runs *NIX at home for personal reasons (yes Mac
OS X counts) ·  Writes complex scripts using PERL. Knows how to install and
use PERL modules from CPAN. Understands object oriented programming
concepts supported by PERL.
Knows how to setup reverse proxy servers using Apache, mod_proxy, and
Must know how to perform pattern matching and string substitutions using
regular expressions. Must explain the meaning of expressions such as
/^[a-z0-9]{1,4}$/i ·         Knows how to configure, compile, and install
software using make and gcc.
Background using versioning tools such as SVN, Git, or CVS.
Experience with package management tools including yum or Open CSW.
Has basic debugging experience using Fiddler, Firebug, or Chrome DevTools.
Document system changes including network topology diagrams.
Understands DNS fundamentals including creating host records and performing
DNS lookups using nslookup or dig. Must be able to explain what is the
difference between an A NAME record and a CNAME record. Must know what MX
records are for. Must know what a PTR record is used for. Must know how to
set the priority on a host record in a zone file.

Kanahiya Jaiswal
Professional Recruiter
Seven Hills Software Technologies Inc
7101 Sheffield Court, McDonald, PA 15057
Office: 412-450-1316 X 114
Fax: 877-745-4811
Email: kanahiy...@shstinc.com*

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