*Please send the resume with rate and contact details to *
*resu...@gallopresources.com* <resu...@gallopresources.com>

Job Title: Python Developer

Location: Chandler, AZ

Length: 6 months

Visa citizen: Any Visa

*Job description: *

   - 10+ years experience in web systems environments which includes web
   application installations, upgrades, and deployment as well as any servers/
   systems that support/ host web applications.
   - He/she must have experience designing and implementing scalable
   web-based applications using application frameworks and design patterns
   - The candidate must have experience with web development, Web Services,
   RESTful APIs, Javascript, CSS, and HTML, Python and the Django framework

 Minimum Qualifications

   - 5+ years of experience developing and modifying web-based applications
   using Python
   - 5+ years of experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
   - 3+ years of experience with object oriented design and development
   - 3+ years of experience with Ajax, jQuery, JSON

   - 3+ years of experience with Object-relational mapping
   - 3+ years of experience with the Python based web application
   framework, Django


GALLOP Resources, Inc
1220 N Market Street, Suite 806,
Wilmington, Delaware, 19801

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