Hi Partners,

Please find the *requirement details *below and let me know if you have any

Send me profiles at *vam...@compuga.com <vam...@compuga.com>*

*Job Description:*

*Job Title         **:* *Web Developer*
*Location         **: *Los Angeles/San Diego, CA
*Duration        **: Long Term*

*Job Description:*

We want someone who is an absolute expert at HTML & CSS (i.e., you can
write best-practice, standards-compliant, semantic code in your sleep?and
probably do) while also being rock-solid on JavaScript.

This position is unique in that you would be working mostly on-site in a
client office (a major household electronics brand name) doing interactive
content development work. You need to be someone who’s self-driven with a
proven track record of producing quality work independently. Since you’ll
be on-site with the client, we’re also looking for someone with excellent
communication skills, particularly in working with non-technical teammates.

*Essential Skills & Experience*
• Expertise in standards-compliant HTML5
• Expertise in using CSS3 while still supporting legacy browsers
• Expertise in raw JavaScript without dependence on libraries
• Understanding of MVC and OOP fundamentals
• Comfort with performing basic tasks on the Linux command line
• Knowledge of SEO, accessibility and front-end performance best practices
• Photoshop skills to do image slicing, sprite creation & light editing
• Strong written & oral communication skills

*Preferred Skills & Experience*
• Working knowledge of a server side programming language, particularly
JSP/JSTL, but also PHP, Python, Ruby or Node.js
• Experience with version control (ideally Git, but also CVS or SVN)
• Expertise and experience with responsive web design
• Experience in an interactive agency setting, ideally with e-commer

This position could be located in our LA office, but would need to travel
50% to San Diego to one of our clients. If possible, it would be ideal to
have them in San Diego onsite with the client.

Thanks & Regards,

*Vamshi Rudra*
39138 Fremont Blvd Suite 201 Fremont CA 94538
*619-639-2353*, vam...@compuga.com, www.compuga.com
* GTalk/YIM: vamshi.staffing*

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