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Please go through the following requirement and let me know on 
that are you comfortable or not ?



Role :Cobol/DB2 Developer

Location :Bloomington, IL

Duration : 6 - 12 months



Job Description :

Ø  A minimum of 5 years experience in COBOL Programming: DB2, Batch & On-Line 
programming subprograms, Copylibs, DB2 Stored Procedures and Changeman 

Ø  Mainframe batch processing using JCL and JCL Procs 

Ø  Strong problem solving skills and ability to manage multiple tasks 

Ø  Strong interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills

Ø  Ability to understand complex problems 

Ø  Experience in payables (or finance).

Ø  Support and some development for Accounts/Freight Payable applications. 
Mainframe skills: COBOL, JCL, ACF2, DB2, IMS






  Ph No:- 980-819-0687

  E-mail:- ke...@riderconsultinginc.com    

  G-Talk : kevinpatel.ri...@gmail.com                                           

  Web Site :- www.riderconsultinginc.com


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