Hi Partners,

Please find the *requirement details *below and let me know if you have any

Send me profiles at *vam...@compuga.com <vam...@compuga.com>*

  *Job Title              : Scrum Master *

*Primary Skills    :* complete understanding of agile processes such as
Scrum, XP, and Kanban.

*Location              :* Timonium, MD

*Duration             :* 1 yearr

*No. of Positions   : *2

*Position Type      :* Contract

****locals Preferred****

   - Must be able to nurture self-organizing, high performing teams through
   leadership and mentoring. .
   - Must be able to resolve conflict through arbitration, negotiation,
   reasoned discussion, or escalation. .
   - Must be willing and able to identify problems, impediments,
   dependencies, and other team dysfunctions, and then facilitate quick
   resolution. .
   - Must uphold and defend as well as coach and mentor agile values as
   expressed in the Agile Manifesto. .
   - Must be capable of being a scrum master for 3 scrum teams with a focus
   on guiding the teams towards improving the way they work. .
   - Facilitate sprint planning, retrospective and sprint demos .
   - Assist the product owner with keeping the backlog groomed .
   - Ensure cross-team coordination .
   - Reach out to the larger company network for impediment removal .
   - Works closely with up to three development teams. .
   - Maintain a close working relationship with the Product Owners of the
   development teams. .
   - Able to develop close working relationships with all levels of
   management, especially the functional managers of team members.
   - Able to work with and represent a wide variety of stakeholders that
   need to work with the team. .
   - Work closely with agile coaches and the Agile Practice Group. .
   - Establishes and facilitates Scrum of Scrums as needed Architecture and
   Design: .
   - Must be responsible for constraining and guiding the development of an
   agile team into a self-organized, effective, development unit with a
   sustainable cadence.

*Skills: *

   - Must have a thorough understanding of iterative software development.
   - Must have a complete understanding of agile processes such as Scrum,
   XP, and Kanban.
   - Must have been a member of an agile team for at least 3 years.
   - Must have led teams during the transition phase from traditional
   waterfall to Agile Scrum .
   - Must be able to explain and promote agile engineering practices such
   as pair programming, continuous integration, TDD, BDD, and refactoring.
   - Must be able to lead a team to make realistic and achievable delivery
   - Must understand agile metrics and reporting techniques.
   - Previous 10+ years of relevant IT experience including strong agile
   scrum and business analysis skills with the ability to prioritize, estimate
   resource load, and proactively manage IT customer expectations.

 Thanks & Regards,

*Vamshi R*
39138 Fremont Blvd Suite 201 Fremont CA 94538
*619-639-2353*, vam...@compuga.com, www.compuga.com
* GTalk/YIM: vamshi.staffing*

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