Hi Partner,

I have Oracle DBA position for your consultant, if anyone is available
please inform me ASAP.

Role: Oracle DBA

Location: Detroit, MI

Duration: 12+ months

*Database Administrator**: *

Design, install, maintain and upgrade the enterprise's databases
(development, testing, and production).

They provide technical expertise in the use of database technology and are
accountable for the overall performance of the enterprise's database
environment. Database Administrators work closely with business and system
analysts and solution developers to define and resolve information flow and
content issues-helping to transform business requirements into environment
specific databases. Database Administrators develop databases across
multiple platforms.

They support the transformation of business requirements into database

Once a database is in place, they monitor and analyze performance metrics
and then allocate database resources to achieve optimum database
performance. Individuals implement and perform backup and recovery
procedures for the enterprise's databases and help develop the tools and
techniques that allow customers to access data in a secure environment.

*Top Three Skills/Experience:*

   1. Oracle *VLDB* experience (5+ years)
   2. Oracle *data movement techniques* (5+ years)
   3. Oracle *Fine Grain Access and Security Services (*5+ years)

*Required Skills/Experience*

   - 5 years of database administration experience working with various
   Oracle database management systems required.
   - Advanced to expert level knowledge and understanding of a particular
   database platform required.
   - Thorough understanding of performance monitoring, analysis and tuning.
   - Broad level of understanding surrounding information systems,
   application and/or web standards and database licensing.

*Preferred Skills/Experience*

   - Must have Very Large Database Experience (VLDB)
   - Oracle 11g

 *Educational Requirements*

   - Bachelor's degree in related field preferred, Masters degree in
   related field preferred.


Tim Poole | K-Source INC

 tim@k <t...@tammina.com>sourceinc.com

Direct : 469-213-1614

248-458-1322 ext 222

gtalk : tim.tamm...@gmail.com <t...@tammina.com>|

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