Hi Associate,

We have an Urgent opening .Please see the Job Description Below and let me
know if you have any consultant available.

* F5 Admin/ EngineerLocation: Dublin, OH (F2F interview)*
*Duration: 6 month+ contract*

*Job Description:*

F5 Technologies

(1) Level 3 Build/Support Engineer staff augmentation

The Candidate for this position must have an understanding of load
balancing strategies/ techniques, expertise in application switching /
traffic management, knowledge of persistence and SSL certificates and
troubleshooting methodologies. A general understanding of HTTP/HTTPS
predicted behavior

and the ability to perform and analyze packet captures to assist in
identifying issues and recommend solutions.

- Implement F5 HA configurations, sync groups, and clusters, VIPs, pools,
profiles and monitors

- A strong understanding of F5 iRules (F5’s TCL scripting language) enabling

customization of application load balancing solutions through the control

direct manipulation of the application traffic.

- Expertise in application switching and traffic management, deep

Knowledge of application requirements (such as persistence), understand SSL

offload and implementation of SSL certificate and Key.

- A strong understanding in F5 Viprion products and virtualization

- Knowledge of F5 LTM and GTM hardware platforms including engineering
design and deployment implementation guidelines

- Candidate must have admin experience with F5 configuration CLI including
both BigPipe and Traffic Management Shell (TMSH)

- Knowledgeable of F5 system logging event types and logging levels

- Experienced in VIP creation, certificate updates, SSL profile creation,
pool creation and pool member modification

- Understanding of F5 GTM solutions, including WideIP and Pool Load
Balancing Methods, probers and monitors

- Experience with advanced health checks within LTM

- The ability to engage and influence team members as well as people
external to the team.

- High level understanding of multi-tiered application traffic flow, server
load balancing, global load balancing, and routing.

-Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills, with the ability
to communicate technical topics to management and non-technical audiences,
as well as interface with the customer on a daily basis

- Experience with F5 technologies (LTM, GTM, V9, V10, V11)

-F5 Technology Specialist or F5 Certified BIP-IP Administrator or Solution
Expert Level Certification

*Thanks *

*Wasim AhmedUnited Software Group Inc.. 565 Metro Place South. Suite #
110 Dublin, OH 43017 Phone:  614-588-8477Fax: 1-866-764-1148 *
*wasimah...@usgrpinc.com* <wasimah...@usgrpinc.com>
 *www.usgrpinc.com* <http://www.usgrpinc.com/>

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