On 11.05.2011 22:06, zoe slattery wrote:
Hi all

If you are arriving in Bray by train then you should call one of these
numbers to get a lift from the station.

+353 83 1108 519
+353 83 1121 050
+353 83 1197 626

It would also be helpful if you put an approximate time of arrival on
the lift sharing page http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/LiftShareRetreat11.

Nick, Noirin and I will have the phones and we have enough cars between
us to pick people up from Bray station. You'll need to call about 30
minutes before you get to Bray and may have to have a short wait there.

Looking forward to seeing you :-)

I'll be coming seriously late on Friday. I arrive at DUB at about 22:30 p.m. and plan to take the AirCoach bus from there to Bray after fetching the luggage. So I expect to be at Bray either 00:05 or 00:35 Saturday morning. I hope there's still a chance for a lift that late. I already talked to Mark (Thomas) who was offering it in principle but wanted to coordinate with you tomorrow.

If you don't want me to phone all of you in the middle of the night, maybe you could send me an SMS to +49 170 3356832 about whom (which number) to call. I assume to have access to email until about Friday 4 p.m..

Thanks for the excellent organization!



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