I had been having problems with retro dumping into macsbug about every 1.5
days since upgrading to OS9/ASIP 6.3. I have Retrospect running in a 75MB
RAM partition, on a G3/300 beige with 256 MB of RAM. However, I also noticed
the server agent program that auto starts with ASIP, to facilitate
connecting remote admin Macs to the ASIP server. On a lark, I quit that, so
all that is running is Retrospect.

That was on Tuesday...so we are now well past the earlier crash periods. If
it makes it through the weekend, I'll call it a bug, and officially report
it to Dantz and Apple.

But if anyone from Dantz or Apple wants to check this out on their own, I
will happily help out.

I have noticed that 4.2 is MUCH more of a CPU pig than 4.1 was, so this may
be an issue.


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