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When testing AppleShare 6.3, OS 9, and Retrospect 4.2, we didn't
encounter any problems. When encountering issues like this, the culprit usually
turns out to be something unique to the user's configuration.

I'd be very interested in hearing if quitting that server agent program
solves the problem.

If not, what happens when you run Retrospect after disabling AppleShare?
Does the problem then go away? If it doesn't, there are other issues at
work here.

I'm interested to know how you've come to the conclusion that 4.2 is more
of a "CPU pig" than 4.1. We actually didn't change that much, at least
that I'm aware of, that could affect how much CPU time we're taking. 

You can try putting Retrospect into the background, which will make it
take approximately 30 to 40% less CPU time, but will also slow your backups.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Welch, John C. wrote:
>I had been having problems with retro dumping into macsbug about every
>days since upgrading to OS9/ASIP 6.3. I have Retrospect running in a
>RAM partition, on a G3/300 beige with 256 MB of RAM. However, I also
>the server agent program that auto starts with ASIP, to facilitate
>connecting remote admin Macs to the ASIP server. On a lark, I quit that,
>all that is running is Retrospect.
>That was on we are now well past the earlier crash periods.
>it makes it through the weekend, I'll call it a bug, and officially
>it to Dantz and Apple.
>But if anyone from Dantz or Apple wants to check this out on their own,
>will happily help out.
>I have noticed that 4.2 is MUCH more of a CPU pig than 4.1 was, so this
>be an issue.

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