Reply to:   RE: Retrospect and iMacs

There are a lot of possibilities for what's going on here. Probably the best place to 
look for answers to your questions is the Retrospect User's Guide. If you're running 
4.0, look on p. 170 for client troubleshooting. If you're running 4.2, look on p. 198 
(if you updated from our website, it's a .pdf document in your Retrospect folder).

If you're still stumped after looking at the manual, feel free to contact tech support 


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation
925.253.3050 [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Gordon Thorogood wrote:
>I'm running retro 4 on a mac and I tried to install a client the >other day on an 
>iMac running OS 8.6.  When I go to activate it I cant >see it on the network, has 
>anyone else come across this problem.
>TIA Gordon.

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