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At this time Retrospect can only do one backup to one destination at a
time. The Mac OS is not a multitasking operating system so right now that is
just not possible.

Windows NT is a multitasking operating system, although Retrospect for
Windows does not have this capability at this time either. This is something
we'd like to implement in a future release.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Ryan La Riviere wrote:
>I haven't seen anything about this and also figure Retro can't currently
>it but I thought I'd ask anyway.
>I was curious if it is possible to backup from source 1 to tape drive A 
>while simultaneously backing up from source 2 to tape drive B?  As far
as I can tell 
>Retro does it in a queue fashion handling only one at a time.
>Ryan La Riviere
>Lab Services Coordinator; Drexel University
>ICQ: 11747071, 44292959

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