We have installed Retrospect workgroup 5.0 and have experienced a problem 
from day one that is repeatable and consistent on our Intergraph server.

The problem comes after we run a backup that requires more than one tape.
When Retrospects asks for the second tape and one is put in the drive it
continues the backup as you would expect. However, when that 2nd tape is
needed for anything Retrospect reports the tape as "Content Unrecognized"
and it can't be written to or read from. In testing I've repeated this no
less than 5 times with both new and reformatted tapes. The drive is a Sony
DDS-3 SDT-9000 4mm DAT. It is the only drive on the SCSI bus and continues
to work perfectly with our previous backup product Archserve.

My guess is that Retrospect is not writing a header to the second tape.
Any suggestions?

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