I have a Compaq running Retrospect 5.0 for Windows under Windows NT 
Workstation.  All was well, but then the Blue Screen of Death started 
appearing.  Not having the desire or the time to stuff with "a PC" I 
backed up the important data, grabbed the Compaq Recover CD and proceeded 
to reformat the disk and reinstall Windows NT.  This isn't as bad as it 
sounds as Compaq have done a great job of automating the process ... all 
I needed to do was change the CD when requested.

Anyway, its up and running again but although the CD-R works as a CD-ROM, 
Retrospect says it can't use the CD-R as it doesn't have a drive letter.  
Its advice is to quit Retrospect and allocate the drive a letter.  My 
problem is that it has a letter ... it is F: and appears to be working 
fine in all other respects.

Whats the story?

Cheers,  Malcolm

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