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> We've had similar odd problems with an identical unit, and from recent posts
> on the list I'm wondering if perhaps we should apply the latest firmware
> update. It requires a PC with a SCSI card, of course...

On this same note, while you're downloading the Windows-only firmware
updaters, how about dropping a note to the manufacturer suggesting a Mac OS
(or UNIX, or anything other than Windows) version of the firmware updaters?
And you Retrospect folks...can you put a bug in anyone's ear about this?

It's a small thing, but when you need to update firmware, and you have to
mount a search for a functional SCSI-equipped Wintel, it can be a major
undertaking! I had to borrow an NT workstation at my previous place of
employment (fortunately I'm still quite welcome there), and the Sony updater
blue-screened the box. I had to manually stop every nonessential service
before running the updater. Good heavens...

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