I've got an NT Server(4.0 SP4) that needs a reliable & easy to use backup.
An employee with no RS experience will be responsible for ensuring the
correct tape is inserted. The server in question is not doing any complex
serving tasks...mostly making shared directories available to specialized
accounting & purchasing programs. I opted for Retrospect for Windows to do
the job. (This after several years of backing up the rest of the network w/
RS for Mac)

Two questions:

(1)  All things considered, would it be best to install Retrospect on the
Server, or on an available Win98 box. I may move the other Windows stations
to this backup machine.

(2) What is the proper procedure for installing an application on an NT
Server (guess which one!). For instance, what services need to be
terminated, and is there a proper sequence for said termination. Again this
is for a server that is not doing any complex tasks.

BTW, I intend to use PowerQuest's Server Magic to clone the NTS drive &
associated partitions as a fallback position. Anyone tried this??


Bob Humphrey

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