Well, I finally upgraded from Retrospect 3.0A to 4.2(A?) so I could 
back up all our new pc's from the mac. And the supplier came good 
with the licence pack this morning so I could use the great new 
license manager for the clients I installed yesterday. Now they are 
all happily backing up very quickly (except for one where there were 
installing problems that can wait until new year). This was a breeze.

One note: 4.2 didn't like my old SE/30s running AS2 on sys 6.0.7 
(clients v.3.0 and 2.0!) - it saw the volumes in Tools:Volumes, but 
on backup said:
>       23/12/1999 5:07:40 PM: Connected to AdminServer
>*      Container AdminServer was empty (had no volumes)
>       23/12/1999 5:07:43 PM: Connected to Production Server
>*      Container Production Server was empty (had no volumes)

If anyone else comes across this (hmmm - not likely?) don't worry! 
Reconfigure the clients from backing up the Desktop to backing up the 
remembered volumes. It workswith these old warhorses - at least 
configured like that!
And it seemed to have no problems with AS3 and AS6.2

Thanks for this list,
Happy Christmas, Paul Fyfe (Melbourne, Australia)

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